What makes an awesome wedding video?

There are many different factors that make an awesome wedding video. I wanted to run through some of the things that I think are the most important which will make the couple look back on their day and relive it, bringing the day back to life years later, making it feel as special now as it was then.


The Moments

 A wedding video is all about capturing the feeling of the day and those key moments that cannot be missed. So the most important aspects of making a wedding video as memorable as possible is to make sure you have those key moments. For example, the first time the Bride and Groom see each other, the rings being placed on their fingers, the “you may kiss the bride” and of course the first dance. All of these moments can tell the story of your day and express the true emotions of everyone present.



Establishing where you are is something that I have found is missing from a lot of wedding videos, but it is a very effective way of making you feel like you are going back in time and reliving the day. As a viewer, establishing where you are and knowing what time it is in the day, whether it is morning or evening will help the story follow nicely and make sense. Scenic shots in a wedding film give your mind chance to catch up with where you are in the day.



By movement I mean the movement of the camera. If the camera is moving it feels like the story is also moving. Making sure there is as much smooth slow movement in a wedding video can give it a really relaxed and nice feeling, when moving into the evening the movement will get fast and less smooth to add energy to the party.

What looks really impressive is following the Bride and the Groom as they walk together, this is usually staged but it can also be done with the Bride walking down the aisle. This is not usually possible though because people do not want a videographer walking in front of the Bride as she walks down the aisle. An alternative is to follow the journey of the Bride from the side of the aisle behind where the guests are seated. This looks lovely as you can see the Bride going down the aisle and the guests reactions.



The music that is used in the video can dictate the whole feel of the video. It needs to start off slow but also have some energy in it, the music can be the difference between having a really engaging, exciting wedding video to having a boring one. The Bride and Groom can help the videographer by suggesting songs that they like and that are personal to them, making the video truly unique.



A longer video isn’t always a better video. It is often thought that the more you have in a wedding video the better it will be, this is not the case in most instances because there are some parts of the day you do not need to see and some parts you may only want to see once. For example, if there are lots of shots of the dress on a hanger this can slow a video down whereas it would be better to see the dress on the Bride which you will later in the film anyway. Some of the best wedding videos I have seen have been some of the shorter ones because you can really feel close to the Bride and Groom without having lots of cliché shots that you don’t really need. The pace of a video can be fast or slow depending on the couple and the day, because each couple is unique and each video unique. A faster paced video will have more energy and a slower film may have a more romantic feeling.