Is a wedding video worth it?

Why video and not just photos?
Can the photographer make the video?
What if I can’t afford a Wedding video?


As everyone knows weddings are one of the most expensive events in your life. A couple’s budget for their wedding can vary massively so it is easy to see why a video can seem a large cost on top of everything else you need to pay for.

Camera Wroxetter.JPG

Why video and not just photos?

Almost all weddings have a photographer to capture many priceless moments of the day so that people can remember them for years to come and have the pictures on display for all of their lives – which is a very important thing to have from your wedding day.

Although people may not display a video in their home continuously, a wedding video does not just capture single moments from the day. Through film you can see more emotion and more reaction from people, the change in the Groom’s expression as he sees the Bride walking down the aisle, laughter from guests as the best man reads out his cheesy jokes about the Groom. Those are true stories from the day that can be relived years later, this is something that can be lost with photographs as the memories fade.

What do you get from a wedding video?


If you ask any Bride about their wedding day they will tell you, it was one of the best days of their lives but it was gone in the blink of an eye. A wedding video gives you time to look back on the day and enjoy it all over again and from different perspectives, for example:

  • Bridal preparation
  • The groom arriving
  • What the guests were up to
  • Messages
  • The venue
  • Behind the scenes

On the day you can get either one or two videographers who will be filming all the aspects of the day you choose, including the ceromony, speeches, guests arriving, messages from the guests and anything you have specifically asked to be filmed. These are usually edited down into a few different forms; a short highlights video that you might share on social media, a longer highlights video including the full ceromony and speeches and individual requests which you can ask for before the wedding.

A wedding video is a record of your special day, for you to do with as you wish. They can be completely tailored to your needs and be a great memory to look back on to see how much your family and friends have changed over the years. The extra cost will always seem worth it in the future when you want to look back, because if you do not take the oppurtunity to have a video while you can, it can be something you regret not having.

But we will have what guests filmed on their phones!

Filming wedding on phone.jpg

Yes many people take the videos that their guests have filmed of the day and keep those to remember the day by but this isn’t always ideal. Most wedding guests are not trained videographers, so there maybe fingers in the way of lens or hands covering the microphones so you can’t hear the most important moments. With a professional videographer you also get them using professional video and audio equipment. The videos will look crystal clear and be creatively shot by a professional, telling the story of the day in a structure not just disjointed moments that seem out of context.

Professional Video equipment.JPG
Professional Video Equipment

Can the photographer do the video?

This is a question that gets asked a lot and the short answer is no. While many photographers might be more than capable of filming the day, they might not nessacarily have the correct equipment to do so to the same quality as a videographer who is geared up specifically for video. Also a photographer is at a wedding to take photographs and if they also have to think about shooting video, the quality of the photographs can suffer which no one wants especially not the photographer. That is why most photographers that are asked this question will say no because they know want to give you the best photographs they can possible give you.

What if I can’t afford a video?

If having a wedding video made strectches your budget to breaking point then consider asking for contributions from your guests in the invitations to help cover the cost, instead of a gift from them.

Wedding video contribution invite

Most guests at weddings want to offer the couple a gift but many find it difficult to think of what to get as most couples have most things they need in this day and age. So by giving them the option to contribute to something that you really want and something they know you will keep forever can really help your guests feel they are giving you a fantastic gift.

Should I have a wedding video?

Thoughtful Bride.jpg

As someone who makes wedding videos I think YES! 

You should have a film made about your wedding day because you only get married once and it is an amazing way to remember your day. Considering most wedding videos cost about the same as having a photographer, it’s a bargain because you get rather a lot for your money in terms of the time the videographer works on the film and the finished artical you recieve at the end.

So please, get in touch!


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